Unusual Places To Visit In Savannah

There are some fantastic places that the visitors are aware of in Savannah. These places not in the regular destinations tourists want to visit. Although the place is very hot there are places which are calm and provide relaxation to the visitors. There are unusual areas for sightseeing as well as for shopping. Some of these hidden jewels are discussed here

  •         Forsyth Park

This park is spread over 30 acres and was formed as early as 1840. This park is open to visitors free of charge. You can relax with your family and kids or indulge in sporting activities such as tennis, basketball, etc. The beautiful fountains and the beauty of nature will give a soothing effect to your mind. Movie shows, jazz festivals, music concerts, etc., make the place more attractive to people.

  •         La Paperie

If you are looking for personalized gifts made of paper, you should visit La Paperie on Whitaker Street. You can find designer stationery, travel journals to keep memoirs, stamps, custom embossers, etc., at this gift and stationery shop. Cartiera Amatruda Amalfi stationery offers papers made by artisans. These papers are a good historic gift with watermark for authenticity. Sometimes people miss it because it is such a small unassuming little shop with no real signage. If you’re looking for it,  it is right next to the Surrey Roofing company with the big sign. 

  •         Starland’s Café

This is one of the unusual places to enjoy your coffee in Savannah. This is located a few minutes away from Downtown, next to the Dog Park. The back patio of the café gives you a homely feeling. You can eat lunch at this place or you can opt for the delicious salads, Paninis etc.

  •         Mercer House Carriage Shop

Located at 401 Whitaker Street, Mercer House was constructed for General Hugh Mercer. This is open on all days of the week to the public. You can shop for gifts, accessories, home furnishings, stationery, antique items, books from the shops located inside the house. People will be able to enjoy the design of the house when they are shopping at this place.

  •         Escape Savannah

Located at 2819 Bull Street, Escape Savannah is a unique experience. You will be locked inside the haunted parlor and you need to solve riddles to escape from the haunted parlor. Winners will get certificates and the losers are taken away by the ghosts. It is better to visit this place as a 10-member group.